Chicago North's teachers are composed of volunteer parents. Principal, Treena Larson, who has a master's degree in education, is not only a parent but also an incumbent Chinese teacher at Evanston Township High School. Our teachers are dedicated to helping students learn Mandarin Chinese. All the faculty members and members of the Board of Directors contribute to maintaining a vibrant language education for Chinese learners so that our next generation can continue the traditional Chinese culture.

Language Teachers

Grade Name 老師 E-Mail
K Lora Wu 吳映儒 kindergarten@cncschool.org
1 Yally Larson 林玉霞 yally_larson@hotmail.com
2 Hsin-Ju Chi 胡心如 michelle.hu@comcast.net
3 Angela Wu 吳蓉燕 thirdgrade@cncschool.org
4 Pamela Cheng 蘇品惠 reachpan@sbcglobal.net
5 (Lily) Chialin Wu 吳佳玲 lilywu@rocketmail.com
6 Jean Vliet 湯文敬 sixthgrade@cncschool.org
7 Mei-Hui Fan 黃美惠 seventhgrade@cncschool.org
8 Li-Chen Lua 廖麗珍 lcliao@hotmail.com
9 Juliana Duan 段淑芝 ninthgrade@cncschool.org
PCSL Chi Luu 劉行芝 pcsl@cncschool.org
ICSL1 Ivy Chiou 王翠娟 icsl1@cncschool.org
ICSL2 Jianfeng Hong 洪劍峰 hongslate@yahoo.com
ACSL Mary Wu Schafer 吳明潔 mws725@yahoo.com

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Job Title
Name Telephone/Email
Board President Trent Larson
School Principal Treena Larson principal@cncschool.org
Secretary/ Parent-Duty Administrator Jennifer Ching secretary@cncschool.org
Treasurer Nydia Soto treasurer@cncschool.org
Marketing Director Hana Tai
Angie Wu

Event DirectorSarah Schirmer purchasing@cncschool.org
Curriculum Director Becky Li curriculum@cncschool.org
Curriculum Director Chyuan Jang curriculum@cncschool.org
Registration Director Richard King registration@cncschool.org
IT Director James Yu it@cncschool.org 
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