Dear Families 

This year at our annual Chinese New Year Party, we would like to try something new, different and hopefully quite fun. In addition to our regular “blind raffle” where we draw numbers from raffle tickets for wrapped gifts donated by familes, we will have a second raffle game, called the BASKET RAFFLE. 

BUT, we need your help in order to make this possible. 

The CNCS board is asking families to donate in these ways (a single or all options are welcome): 

Option 1: Business donation Seek out a business for donation opportunities. It can be your place of employment, a local vendor or online business. Request donations in the form of coupons, gift certificates or good/merchandise. Businesses can provide supporting marketing materials, business cards, etc., which we will include in the final basket. Please use the provided letter with the school’s federal employee identification number. 

Option 2: Classroom basket donation Organize a basket amongst families in a classroom to donate a themed basket (for example, a wine & cheese basket, a “zen” basket, or a kids themed basket). If everyone chipped in a small amount, the final basket could be worth quite a bit! 

Option 3: Family basket donations Like #2, but contributions are from the individual families. For those families who are self-employed or have their own family businesses, it could be a great opportunity to advertise. 

If you have loose items that need to be pulled together in a basket package, please send it into the board by Sunday January 29th, drop off at the CNCS main office (room 2171). Otherwise, please bring in final packaged baskets on the day of the event (February 5), and provide the basket by 11:30am to ensure time for set up. Please contact Jenny Uyeda to let her know in advance, or if you have questions. 

We will provide a school thank you letter for all donation participations post event. 

Thank you, Jenny Uyeda, Mike Karkowski, I-wen Wang, John Liu CNCS Marketing Jenny Uyeda cell: 312-375-9851
It Cncs,
Jan 16, 2017, 8:09 PM