Simplified - Level 1

This course uses Chinese Made Easy for Kids Level 1 (second edition, Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co., Ltd) as a textbook. Students will learn how to read and write Pinyin and 156 new words. Students will also learn basic communication skills like greetings and personal introductions through audio exercises, conversations, questions and answers, speaking practices, games, etc. We aim to create a fun learning environment for students to learn simplified Chinese.


本课程以三联书店(香港)有限公司出版的《轻松学汉语》少儿版(第二版)第一册课本为主要教材。课程主要内容包括:学习拼音和156个新字, 学习问候语、个人介绍等基本的语言交际技能。通过课本和课外的韵律诗、多种形式的练习、有趣的课堂游戏等方式,使学生在轻松的氛围中学习汉语。