Simplified - Level 3

Textbook: Chinese Made Easy for Children, Book 3

  • We encourage and motivate the students to learn the Chinese language in a lively manner.
  • The new words are learned by repetition. The students learn the pinyin and, in the meantime, to recognize the Chinese characters.
  • Twenty Chinese characters from each lesson will be given to the students on each school day. They will learn them in the classroom and continue to practice and write at home as part of the homework.
  • Memorization is fundamental in the language learning. We encourage the students to memorize the new words, phrases, and paragraphs. What the students memorize will become their own vocabulary. The students are able to use them automatically when they communicate with other people in the Chinese language.


  • 鼓勵學生以生動的方式學習華語。
  • 用漢語拼音重復念生字, 同時也培養學生漢字的書寫和閱讀理解能力。
  • 每週由課文中選出20個生字,生詞,在課堂中學習筆劃寫字,課後再多練習。
  • 鼓勵學生背誦,熟念字詞及短文,以幫助學生增加字彚,增進說話及寫作的能力