Traditional - Kindergarten

Students will learn:

  • Read, write and spelling Zhu-Yin Chinese phonetic symbols.
  • How to say numbers (from one to one hundred), colors, family members, body parts, foods, drinks, fruits and a daily routine etc... in Chinese.
  • How to use Verb(is,not, want to, don't want to,has/have, none)
  • simple Chinese characters(ex. one to ten.big,small, sun. the moon, water, etc..
  • how to use simple dialogues.


  • 讀寫拼注音符號。
  • 會說數字(從一到一百), 顏色, 家人稱呼,身體部位,食物,飲料,水果和一天的生活詞彙等..。
  • 知道如何使用,是,不是,要,不要, 有,沒有。
  • 認識簡單的中文字(例如一到十,大小,天,地,日,月,水等..)
  • 知道如何使用簡單的中文對話句型。