Traditional - 9th Grade

For students who completed 8th grade, will enter either 9the Grade or 10th Grade. The 2 classes are offered on alternate years. Students are expected to advance and reinforce their skill in reading comprehension, speaking, writing, independent thinking in Chinese, via homework assignment and internet search, building up from their previous learning in CNCS and Mei-Zhou Hua Yu system

Study materials were well designed to suit the needs for students around High school age, scenarios such as applying college, moving to China, traveling overseas through airport, getting driver’s license, managing emotional intelligence, having a pet, watching American Football..etc, and also to explore custom and tradition on Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival.

The goal is not only to help students mastering in Chinese language but also through learning Chinese culture and history, to become a global citizen of great character.



美洲華語生活化的中文教材,以高中生年紀為主,提供情境教學,譬如申請大學,機場過境,學開車,如何判斷情緒以正面的態度來面對環境的改變,養寵物, 觀賞美式足球 ,體驗中國新年及元宵節的氣氛,俾使學生經由反復練習,能正確、有效的運用所學中文達到理解、溝通、表達的目的。