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1/30 - Chinese New Year break (NO school)

1/31 - Chinese New Year Eve

2/1 - Happy Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger)

Classes for Fall 2021

Dear CNCS families and teachers:

The CNCS board has discussed and decided on 7/25 that we will start the school in online mode for the Fall semester of the school year 2021-2022 and transit to in-person mode as soon as following 2 conditions are in place:

1. Our landlords allow weekly recurring renting;

2. Our teachers are available to teach in person for all classes during 1-4pm on Sundays;

We know that in-person mode is preferred by most families for learning effectiveness. The transition may happen before the end of Fall semester. Currently, no weekly recurring rental is available for us. We are watching closely our landlords’ rental policy change.

Teachers Wanted

We are looking for 4th grade and adult class teachers. Please contact for more info.

Board Members Wanted

We are looking for parents to fill up the following board positions. Please reach out to for more info.

Treasurer (

  • Finance

  • Income Statements and Bank Reconciliations

  • Reimbursement and refunds

  • Tax returns

  • Deposit checks and donations

Marketing (

  • Create marketing materials and promote events

  • Manage our social media accounts

  • Collaborate with CNCS yearbook team

  • Identify advertising opportunities and search for partners/sponsors

IT (

  • Assist classroom with technology related issues, including remote learning

  • Maintain school's IT equipment and hardware

  • Website and domain administration and update

Tuition Payment Due Date

Tuition payment is due on or before 9/12. Please send your Quickpay/Zelle payment to

Chinese Yo-Yo Performance Video

Our own Chinese Yo-Yo team has a new video for Hawthorn Mall's website for virtual Chinese New Year celebration and to promote the school.

Thank you Alice and Benjamin for the video, and the team members for the performances!

[Shortened] CNCS Chinese Yoyo